Now, more than ever, the entire world is forced to embrace The Unknown. For me, the lockdown was a blessing in disguise. In collaboration with different producers I was able to create a mix of ambient anthems and soft electronic pop tracks and it tells the story of surrendering into LOVE and LIFE in the last years of living as a nomad.

The Unknown has taken me across Southeast Asia, traveling and teaching young students their first words of English. Feeling a bit lost by the experience and with the stress of teaching, and of life’s challenges overall, I kept surrendering to my inner adventurer.

Carrying nothing but a backpack and a guitar, I pursued the lyrical answers to the questions in life. The dutch media labeled me as “the singing nomad”

Currently my life unfolds in Portugal, where the Unknown has brought me towards studying…

the Ancient Wisdom of Sound

I started seeing that through singing, I’ve transmuted feelings of sadness into joy and weakness into power.

I’ve expressed and therefore healed.

An understanding has grown within, that life itself is created out of patterns and vibrations and when we harmonize with our hearts’ truest expression, all will unfold beautifully In The Unknown.

This discovery in the Wisdom and World of Sound, the realization how music has always healed and supported me on my path, soon unfolded in organizing singing circles and sharing the Love for Singing.

Will you surrender to it too?

Love & Light

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