20 - 25th of August

Shanti Space - Portugal

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The Healing Heart Retreat

with Reachel Singh & Julia Pieper

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Hi, I'm Reachel!

Since the moment I could articulate my first sounds, I've been immersed in singing. My journey began with singing lessons, and in my teenage years, I delved into learning to play the guitar. However, it was during this time that I also accrued trauma surrounding my voice and expression, leading to a period of several years where I refrained from singing.

The process of healing began with understanding the barriers I faced, followed by releasing them through ancient practices. This journey ignited a deeper exploration into the profound healing capacity of sound and the human voice.

Our voice, arguably our most underutilized tool, is often shackled by deep-rooted fears. We carry limiting beliefs such as "my voice isn't good enough" or "I might say the wrong thing." If only we recognized the immense power of our voice as a conduit to tap into our inner wisdom, strength, and connection to our deepest truths.

My academic background in education has equipped me with insights into speech and breathwork therapy. However, the bulk of my expertise has been gleaned through hands-on experience and daily spiritual practice.

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Three and a half years ago, my vocal journey began to unfold through hosting kirtans, facilitating healing circles, and chanting mantras in Portugal.

Since then, I've successfully launched four courses and have had the privilege of supporting hundreds of individuals in discovering their voice and deepening their connection with the divine essence. Through organizing conscious gatherings under the name 'soulingua,' we delve into various ancient wisdom teachings, employing the power of voice, rituals, and sacred texts to explore profound realms of existence.

528 Herz is also called; the love frequency.

Music expresses itself as a geometry,

as a perfect pattern,

this perfect pattern is all around us,

and it is us too.

When we sing with devotion, with our open hearts, we are able to connect with this Wisdom, be this truth and feel harmonious & free.

The vocal courses offer a step by step process, that simply leads you back, allowing yourself to step into to a higher frequency, as you sound. Firstly, by releasing the layers, that stop you from simply Being.







Into your


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Sacred geometry is seen in music, in nature. It has been shown that sound changes the structure and movements on a cellular level. As we are mostly water, chanting specific mantra effects us deeply, on a physical and spiritual level.

Most of the meditations and mantra in the courses are recorded in 432 Herz, also called the miracle frequency.

Tuning your music to this frequency lowers blood pressure and heart rate, making us generally feel

more at ease.

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One - On - One Voice Coaching

Online & in person in Ericeira/Lisbon area

This course is for you if...

  • You have less to no experience with singing, but always wanted to sing, or simply express yourself more.
  • You want to align more within your deepest truth & expression. Unapologetically share your truth with the world.
  • You are already singing, and reaching a point where you want to learn more about technique & feel more confident, to speak and sing (in front of others and/or organise your own singing circles).
  • You want to implement singing as a ritual and meditation practice in your life, to connect deeper with yourself & your souls essence.
  • You are dealing with anxiety, stress and/or low self-esteem.
  • If you're feeling, generally, low in energy and want to connect more with your creative fire.
  • You want to experience relaxation, relief, release and fun with your own voice!
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Are you looking for a facilitator to host a sacred singing circle, voice activation

or life performance with healing/medicine songs?

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"My relationship with my voice is now completely different : I have learned to love it and have more confidence in it.

The approach is holistic, and that is the strength of this course"


"I’m feeling so much expansion and freedom in playing and exploring sound, reclaiming my voice."


"Feeling so much energy moving in my body. I was giving voice to what has been unexpressed for so long."


"Unleashing our voices by embracing messiness, beauty, and everything!

I'm able to express boundaries in a loving way, creating more space in my life."


"After one month, I don't know how, but I started to like my voice, which had never happened before."




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