I didn’t take any singing lessons. It was just me aligning with my body, with my soul, with my heart. I’m telling this story because I want you to know that it’s possible for you too. You can find your strength, you can find your voice, you can release it all, you can be fearless, you can be heard, you can be free. You can be You. To show you that, you and I are the same, we have the same thoughts, we have the same fears and insecurities, we have the same patterns that may occur in different forms and situations. We’re also the same in feeling that something deep inside of us knows that we can break free from it all. You know you are so supported to create something that is valuable for humanity, for yourself, for everything and for nothing. So that in the end, we can all become everything and nothing at the same time.

My new way of thinking, my new view on life and situations, felt like a power that I had gained over the years of following my heart and my gut-feelings. I traveled alone and I was almost never fearful, neither were my parents. They’ve always supported my decisions and trusted that I was capable of handling any situation. They applauded me when I told them I was going to leave. I feel extremely blessed to have them.

Everything always worked out fine and perfectly as it should. I believed that it was because of my attitude, my thinking, my freedom and my mission to have as much fun as possible in this lifetime. So, life became pure ecstatic enjoyment and rollercoaster rides that brought me closer to revealing my soul. I wanted everyone to know about this powerful feeling, so I started talking a little bit about the Law Of Attraction and ended up having a fight with two of my once closest friends.

A good friend of mine turned out to be sick. She was telling me about a new doctor in the US that could do the best surgery, different medicine, different diets. She was trying everything to heal it. She’s a powerful woman. She was constantly finding new ways and treatments to heal it. At some point I couldn’t resist, and I suggested that she should stop looking for answers and healing outside, but look inside herself as well. I’ve known her for a long time and when I met her she was working three jobs a week and she was never sitting still. Life was literally screaming: “Stop it! Take it slow! Love yourself!”

I’ve also lived a life where there was no time to be. I ended up getting a rash all over my body, sleeping only three hours a night, and then going to work the next day, working five or six days a week. Then, I booked a one way ticket to Bangkok and life was never the same again. Letting go was probably one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned while travelling. It’s all about perspective and staying true to yourself and what your heart is telling you. You realize that rising also means letting go of what brings you down, or what simply doesn’t excite you anymore. These two friends of mine were the harsh reality of what will happen if you go against the desires of your heart, because you can’t feel that connection for some reason, because you resist trying to look for it, or because you the unknown. I don’t blame them. It’s the world we’ve been raised in; so much to focus on, but yourself. I’ve been playing this game for a while now, it’s fun playing with Energy, communicating with the Universe. It makes me feel incredibly safe and powerful. I know that I’m in charge.

You’re saying that I attracted this to myself? This just happens, I never asked for this! You have to be realistic about things and stay with both feet on the ground.” She replied after my well-intentioned “just look inside too” message.

I also messaged my father, telling him I met “A”, the guy in the red robe, that he was a successful businessman and that he was going to help me with my music. My father lovingly replied: “Great! But don’t expect too much from it all.” I love my father, but he can be skeptical, confronting me with the reality of things. I know he does it out of love and care for me. He always supported me to follow my passions and dreams. I’m very thankful for the love we share for music. Plenty of parents will confront their children with the reality of things. Money, the dangers of life, how difficult it’ll be to achieve the things you want because of… whatever reasons they can find. There’s so much resistance inside of you because you’ve heard the word “No” more often than you’ve heard the word “Yes”. You’re conditioned to believe that “Can’t” is more possible than “Can”.

Say ‘YES’ to yourself everyday and see it reflect in your reality. Say ´I CAN’ to yourself everyday and watch how everything WILL work out perfectly for you.


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