This entire creation was birthed through combined effort from family and friends. I couldn’t be more grateful and honoured to be able to share this with you.
A process that unfolded so magically, with love & therefore with this
beautiful result! ❤️

Keep the art alive and purchase this EP on band-camp, support an independent artist like myself and many more on this channel. If you connect with this music and art, please share it with your friends and family as well.

A big thank you for making this happen:

Photography: Denise Motz & @sivazgram
Jeffrey Singh (Jeffrey Singh media)
Dancer in “The Unknown”: Anastasios Sioumalas
Underwater shots: Manos Bolek
Music production: Louis David- Roquefere (Suduaya) & Johannes Stampfer
Mixing/Mastering: MK music productions (by Martin Kuipers)
Album artwork: SULIT (by Laurie Collee)
AND: Ger Zellmann, Vidya Singh, Luke Levene, Vincent Hoogstad, for your love and support as well.
Lyrics and composer: Reachel Singh

From my heart to yours,